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Suport Conditions

We can supply in 24 hours any FANUC product to any part of Portugal if we have the part in stock.

If the product is not considered in our stock list, after
order confirmation by fax or email we can assure the delivery in 48 to 72 hours.

All the orders to JASA should be confirmed by us using phone to prevent doubts or wrong ordering of products.

All the parts are supplied in first hand and with guarantee of 1 year and the parts are JASA property until the customer makes the complete payment of the parts except for special agreements.

All the responsibilities resultants of the reparation works would be JASA responsibility, except for information referred by our technical department.

We give total guarantee that any kind of information's of the customer would be confidential information's used only for the works in process.

FANUC company does not authorize the use of any of his products for, development, test, calibration, production or use of nuclear, quimical or any other types of massive destruction weapons. This principle would be always respected and followed by “José Alberto Salgado Arreda” company.


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